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Board Exam Results

It is always hard to find on the net the list of board passers on different professions. I won't be able to write them all in here, but I will provide you the link to Bombo Radio. It is always updated and they have the complete listing of Board Exam Results of different profession in [...]

For new graduates listen up! Do you know what you should have first in order to apply for a job? Passport and Seaman’s book are the two basic documents that you should have. Don’t settle for fixers just to obtain your seaman’s book and Passport. I’ll give you a little tour on what and where [...]

Dress to Impress

I will be discussing to the readers of Pinoy Maritime about proper dress code. As officers on board the ship, whether you are from deck or engine department, must be properly dressed. I’ll share to you a quote from Goldsmith. It goes like this: “The person whose clothes are extremely fine I am too apt [...]