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How To Effectively Save For Your Retirement

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

When it comes to retirement seafarers always think the other way around. They always say what they want to do (as a retirement job) after retiring from the work at sea. But if you look at the dictionary the meaning of retirement is the opposite.”Retirement is the act of ending your working professional career – Merriam-Webster”, so now which is true about retirement.

When is the right time for retirement? Does age really is the measuring point when to retire?

Retirement should be done with careful planning and consideration. Remember that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. The worst of all is that if you have no clue what you should plan about for your retirement.


1. Set a clear goal.

What are your plans when you retire? What do you dream to do during your retirement? These are the starting point for your planning. Write down what you want to do when you retire and quantify it. Know how much you need to sustain those needs, 15 to 20 years more if you are to retire at an old age.

2. Make a good accounting of your current finances.

Look at your expenses; compare it with your income. Can your goal be achieved based on your current financial lifestyle and earnings?

If no, you have to consider removing the unnecessary expenses or increase your salary. That way, you will be able to work your way through your end goal.

It is not the money that you have in your savings, that is hindering you to retire early, most of the time it is the money that you spent that is hindering you.

You see, if you write it in a spreadsheet, you’ll be surprised that you have spent more than what you have earned. You just didn’t notice it because it is either hidden through credit cards, loans, and other means of debts.

3. Consider reducing your lifestyle.

Make a lifestyle check (it also includes your spending habit), can you sustain your current lifestyle when you retire? If you stop living the lifestyle that you have now, will you be still happy when you retire with a much simpler life.

If your answer is no, then you have a serious problem. You will have to pay a bigger tax for your house, tax for your car, hobbies that you cannot get rid of, and restaurants you need to visit twice a week.

It is better to start living simpler now so you’ll get used to it earlier rather than get rid of it when you already retire.

4. Start estate planning immediately.

People raise their eyebrows when they hear about estate planning, but it is the most essential action in your life that you need to address immediately. Everything that you have acquired from now until the future is subject to tax.

Your family will not be able to own them immediately if they cannot pay the appropriate tax. Literally, the government owns you. Even the lot that they will bury you, must be bought and tax must be paid (it also includes the coffin). It is inevitable and if you don’t realize it early, your family will have problem in the end.

5. You must know where to invest.

I suggest you find a financial planner that you can talk to, when it comes to making decisions in investing and planning. But the basic idea is, diversify your investment.

Invest in liquid assets (mutual funds, bonds, money market, etc.), and in solid assets (apartments, real estate, business, etc.). This lessens the risk of your money being in one basket. But remember, estate planning is always related to investing.

So whenever you invest on these financial services, make sure you keep it in line with your estate plan.

6. Spend money wisely.

Your current spending habit affects your saving habit.

  • If you spend more than you earn,
  • if you spend more than you save,
  • and if you spend everything you have without considering your emergency expenses, the chance of bankruptcy is upon you.

If you realize it earlier and change, then you have a chance of saving for retirement. But if you realize it at your late 50’s, sad to say you have a serious problem during your retirement.

Just to remind you, a person who retires at old age has plenty of health related problems that needs medical attention and maintenance, which requires money to maintain a good health.

7. Determine what age you want to retire.

If you can force yourself to save more rather than spend more, I think the best way is to motivate yourself to retire at a young age. This forces you to think that you are time constrained and you need to save a lot now so that you will benefit later.

Eventually it is about you, being a good steward of your finances.

If you understand that your work will kill you slowly, you’ll probably decide to retire early to live longer.

If you know where to begin planning then you can accomplish a lot of your financial planning for your retirement.

You must have a clear age when you should retire. Time is your friend if you understand that preparing for retirement, you need to start planning now.

But, time can be your enemy if you realize late in your age that you need to save for your retirement.

Have your take on this article and share it in the comment below. Let us talk about it and let others share in the conversation.

Writing The Best Email Subject You Can Use To Get Hired

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Here’s what you need to know about your email subjects: “It is poorly written.” The truth is that almost all the email subject title you send when you apply for a job does not get the reader’s attention. Other than that, it does not solve the immediate problem that a hiring manager needs to be solved.

It lacks urgency and it has words that are irrelevant to the position you are applying for. It lacks the magic it needs to be interesting. And the grammar you are using is horrible but somehow amusing.

What if you can find a way to improve your email subject and make you more interesting? Would you spend a minute to read further?


Make It Interesting and Tempting To Read

Have you read your daily newspaper? What catches your attention whenever you are reading it? Isn’t it the headline?

Yes, the headline catches your attention that’s why you are interested to read further. The same principles apply with your email subjects. Its purpose is to catch the reader’s attention to make him or her read further.

If your subject line is not doing its job to catch attention, there’s a big chance that your email will not be read or will be deleted from the reader’s inbox.

Make it catchy. Think of subject line that would wow the reader and create a desire to click it and read your message. But how can you achieve it?

Get directly to the point. If they are posting like this: “Wanted Deck Officer for Immediate Hiring – Salary Negotiable”; then you should align your email as a solution to the problem they wanted to solve.

So most probably, you’ll be writing your subject like this: “Applying For Deck Officer – Available Anytime”.

You must be the solution to their problem. Align your subject to the problem that they posted, as being the solution to that problem.

Now that you have started a good opening subject, make sure to be polite. Always end your email with polite words as: “Have a good day” or “Hope to hear from you soon”. This shows that you want to hear from them after they’ve read your email. You are inviting for a reply from them. You need this to know if they open your email and if you have a chance of getting hired.

Make Your Subject Line Irresistible

Put a personal touch in your subject line. If you know the name of the hiring manager, include it in your subject line. If you don’t know the name, then do an extra effort in finding out their name.

This makes your email more personal and attracts attention when they see that you mention their name and you are giving them the credit due to them.

When you write the 1st paragraph of your message, inform them immediately what’s inside your message. Their time is precious and by telling them what they will get out of reading your message, it saves time for them. If you attached your resume, tell them about it. Don’t expect everybody knows the symbol whenever there is an attachment file in your email.

Don’t ruin their time by providing those attachments that you have to compress or any additional effort just to see your resume.

Two formats usually works. A PDF file or a DOC file. Make sure that whatever extra action they will do to know you should not make them hesitant to do it. Not all hiring managers are techie; some of them are already old and not so computer savvy like you, so make it simple for them.

Avoid Making the Same Mistake As Others Do

Check your grammar. No matter how good you are or how skilled you are in your work, reading a poorly written message with so many grammatical errors makes it hard for the hiring manager to be impressed with you. Punctuations and spelling are the common mistakes that they usually commit.

Writing a single subject line like “Hi” is going to be ignored. Be polite and be interesting in writing your subject line. Use the right words and think of being the solution to the problem when you are writing your subject line.

When you write your subject line, be sure to think of professionalism. No matter how desperate you want to get hired, the bottom line is if you can show them that you are professional and polite in writing your messages, (particularly your email subject line) it makes a good impression on your part.

Now to You

Think of it as a good way to start a conversation whenever you are writing, it should be a bridge to the next step in the hiring process which is the “Interview”. If you can make your subject line catchy, and minimize unnecessary words, then you’ll easily get the point over to them. Off course you should never forget to be polite, it should be obvious in your letter and in your personality.

Sprinkle your subject line with magic to make it interesting. Add personal touch and let them know what is inside your message.

Finally, check your grammar. Nobody likes to read a poorly written message or subject line.

Now that you know it, “Do it”. You need to implement it to see the result.

If you have more question or want to share what you know. Write it in the comment below. We like to hear from you. It means a lot to me hearing from you.