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How To Always Make A Good Impression

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Instantly you got noticed once you get introduced. Then after that what’s next?

This is the common problem that is always happening to us. We never get the attention we need because we didn’t impress them of our action.

If we understood that a good impression can go long way in any relationship and career, then we may think to change our appearance so that are prospect hiring manager will hire us. In every action you do, just make sure that it will result in a positive way.

But that’s not all. We have a lot more to share to you. So, be patient in reading further.



Extend an Extra Effort by Building Friendship

Think like you are courting a girl whenever you are applying for a job. What are you wearing, is it appropriate? Are you making a continuous conversation? Do you think you have chance or is there another meeting after the interview? This makes you aware of what you should do to make a good impression to them.

How about at work, are your fellow crews noticing you? Is the impression you are making makes you even better than the other? Make sure you respect every person’s opinion. Conversations other than work are a good therapy on-board the ship. But the problem is when you think of yourself as always the right person and ever so knowing.

That doesn’t make you look good, it only shows how limited your life is. Keep in mind, you don’t know everything, there is always somebody who knows more than you do so better start keeping friends by respecting their opinion and vision in life.

If in case the situation needs you to demonstrate your skills in order to solve it, and then do so. If it requires your knowledge, share it. Don’t be greedy by keeping it to yourself. Share it to others and let other people modify it to make it beneficial to them. The seed of knowledge came from you and the fruits are the people you’ve help that used your knowledge and make it grow.

Whenever someone asks you a question, don’t avoid it. Instead, answer it with full confidence and correctly. For sure, the impression you will leave is something worth remembering.


How About Your Appearance

What are you wearing? Is it relevant to the occasion? Is it timely? Is it correct? Never make a mistake of wearing improper clothes. Whether it is for work, social gatherings, or casual events, make sure that is according to what the occasion or situation needs.

Although it may not be so important to others, but your shoe sometimes shows how hygienic you are. If you’re wearing nice clothes but your shoes are dirty, isn’t it inappropriate to look at. What do you think the person looking at you would think? Get the habit of polishing your shoes. It helps in giving a better impression about you.

When you are working in the office, and every so often you sign a lot of documents, it really matters to have a nice pen. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be an expensive pen. It should be a nice looking and a good quality pen that is according to your budget.

You will notice that when you are using your nice looking pen, the other person in the meeting would comment about it and compliment about the pen and the conversation starts there. It’s sort of an ice breaker in many occasions that I’ve experience.


Show Your Colleagues That You Are Serious With Your Work

If you are new in the company or just joined the ship, the first thing that you must always remember doing is to come early to work. There are numerous instances that a new guy at work, whenever he or she comes late during the first day, makes a very bad impression about his or her personality. Aside from that, they already speculate that maybe in work he or she is not also good and inefficient.

Remember to be respectful in every aspect of your work. Never provoke a person to get angry. When you shake hands, use a firm grip and initiate contact. When you speak to your fellow crew or employee, make sure you give them your attention. These small gestures are memorable and will always be attached to your personality wherever you go.

When you are comfortable with your work and duties, take the initiative in doing a job without someone telling it to you. If it is a repetitive task, don’t wait for instruction. Do it right away. Your boss will notice it and will appreciate your initiative.


What’s Next?

Now that you know pointers to make a good impression, what are you planning to do next? Well, you have to implement it.

It is easy and it is rewarding to know that you are doing it. Just remember to build friendship as much as possible. You don’t need enemies in your work place. You need to build rapport and interact with your fellow crew or employee.

Take care how you look. Dress properly and according to how the situation asks of it. Always let them know that you are a serious person when it comes to work, so that they will also take you seriously.

There you have it. It only needs one simple gesture on your part. Kindly comment below, we love to hear from you and to know other suggestions that you’d like to add to what you have read.

The Easy Way On Finding The Place To Get A Job That Saves You Time And Money

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

You need to know the right ideas in order to make your job hunting easier, but how?


We all want to find a job in less time and less effort with minimum money to spend. Then reality struck and you suddenly realize that it’s not that easy.


What if there is a shortcut in doing it? Are there really shortcuts?


Maybe yes or maybe no. Finding the right company is impossible. There is no single solution to answer all your multiple needs. But there are companies that will fit your requirements.


We’ll try to flesh out the concepts on how recruiting happens and how to adapt to different situation.


Don’t Rely On Others

No man is an island. Same thing applies to job hunting. Many people are trying their best to get connected and find the easiest way to get hired.


It is a tough competition out there and Nepotism is everywhere. Aside from the growing number of people who are discriminating other applicants, there are still people who hire others fairly.


But it is not always apples and lemons. Some people will use your eagerness to find a job to their advantage. They will make promises and even exploit you by asking money or service in exchange for a chance to work on the ship.


You’ll get your chance but you’re not going to get it earlier, at least not yet.


At the end of the day it will be up to you to find a way.


Try to size up the situation. If the job was meant for you, everything will be at the right place at the right time.


But who should you believe?

Your family is the first people that you can trust. They can help you in making decisions or even endorse you to people that they know.


Your relatives are also your option. Try to get connected with them. If you have a good communication with them, there’s a good chance they’ll help you. But if you haven’t spoken to them in decades and suddenly you pop up just to ask a favor, and then be prepared of what they might say.


Your friends are also there to help. But sometimes they don’t take you seriously. So try to choose among your friends who are more likely to be of help to you.


Do not expect person you see from the streets whom you know are seafarers, to help you. They might suspect you’re a stalker.


Or approach a seafarer from an office and ask if they can pretend as your relative just to get an application. They may say you are swindling them.


When applying online don’t be pushy. Not all websites are made for job application. Try to check their about page before you send them your message.


Also, don’t expect too much from people that you just met. Remember that when you ask their favor, you are taking your chances and maybe it will not work as you planned.


Update your resume. Even if you’ve done the entire proper meet up with people, you must have a backup plan. You must consider trying to apply on your own. There are people who did that, why not you?


And, if you want to help other reader of this article, share it on the comment below. Let us start a conversation and share to others what they should know apart from this post.