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How To Get Promoted

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

When it comes to promotion, every person is eager to grab the opportunity to be better than the other. You should know this too, because it can help you to shorten the time of your promotion and maybe retire lucky once you know already the business.

As you read further, you will learn ideas on how to get promoted doing basic things. You will learn a lot in the process and the tips you’ll read will fire up ideas for you to improve your career.

Let’s find out about it.

Simple Ideas for Promotion

You must be reliable
. When you promise to do something, do it. When you say you will complete it on a said date, deliver it. Your word is your proof, how you work, and what kind of person you are in relation to your work.

Pay attention to details
. Small details means a lot to some people, even your boss. These small detail can make a difference on your chance of promotion in the company. Careless mistakes can ruin a career and would mark a bad sign to your name and personality.

Be resourceful
. Look for alternatives in solving a problem or completing a task. Being creative also helps in fulfilling the task you are assigned to do. When you have completed a task assigned to you using available resources at your disposal, it is a good job. But if you do it with limited resources and without adding cost to the company, it is exemplary.

Think Of Promotion As An Achievable Task Rather Than A Long Term Dream

Prepare yourself to the next rank ahead
. Don’t wait for the time when the promotion is offered to you and you’re not ready. Remember what they all said: Opportunity knocks only once. So, ready yourself to the time when opportunity knocks.

But remember, do not neglect your current job
. As you are preparing for the next rank, you must also keep a high standard of work with your current rank or job. This makes you efficient and you develop multi tasking skills that will also help you achieve your promotion faster. The transition for you will be easier.

If you really want to make it easier and quick, get a mentor
. Don’t look far, ask your fellow officers and engineers to mentor you. Ask them the basic and advance skills that they possess and convince them to teach you. Experience is always the best teacher. The first hand experience of your officers are very valuable to your career.

Set Your Goal and Achieve It

Work without results is a waste of time, money, and effort. Remember that work is about seeing results. If you always deliver good result to your work, then you can be sure that it will be noticed. Meeting deadlines, managing people, maintaining safety and efficient team are signs of good results from your work.

Work is the same like business. You will not get promoted if they don’t notice you. Be visible. Let them know you exist. You must find a way that your effort and hard work will be noticed. Your name and performance are the two driving factors for your promotion.

Also, don’t reject changes. Embrace change and adapt to it. It is the only thing constant in this world. The maritime industry change a lot and you must learn to adapt yourself to those changes. This shows how good you are in doing your job.

If your boss tells you to do a job that is something new, don’t fight with him, but rather accept it with an open mind knowing that you will learn something new from it.

Now To You

All of these will cannot be achieve if you will just read it but will not put it into action. Remember that successful people doesn’t only read, they act on the information they get.

Promotion is about achieving more than what you currently have now. You can easily achieve it if you know your goals and plan your actions so that you’ll achieve it easily and quickly. Learn to manage your career, show them results so you’ll be noticed. Learn more and more, especially new ideas and concepts that can help in your promotion.

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How To Change From Being A Boring Job Seeker to Becoming Interesting

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

When you try to become interesting using the old way that you usually do, you become boring and you loose that interesting factor as an applicant. Why not try this different ways to make yourself interesting again?

You become interesting if you diversify your style and the job you are applying. Be creative and do not forget your network (what I mean is your social network). Be open to different opportunities that can land you the job that you need.

Let us discuss it further and I hope that what you will learn will boost your ideas in making you more interesting.


We are living in a noisy world wherein information is within grasp. We forget to identify the main goal, the reason why we apply for a job. Every successful job seekers know what they want, and keep it in focus, that’s why they’re so good at landing every job application that they do.

If you have a specific job in mind, focused on it. Fill the gap that the hiring managers are looking for. They need you to have skills, qualifications, and experience. Plan your career early and focus on the goal. Find out how you can acquire what your industry needs, so you will be the solution to the problem.

What if you get rejected in your first try of applying? Don’t loose hope, find an alternative solution. If you’re aiming for a major position, and you get rejected, maybe there are minor positions that you can fill in, just to get your feet in the company.

When the time comes that your desired position is open, you can fill in much easier, since you are already an part of the company. Patience is a virtue, sometimes you need to come from the bottom before you can go up.

Along the process of your job seeking strategy, never forget to listen. The information that you get from the experience of others are tried and tested. The difference between you and success is taking action.

Whenever you get information and you know that the only way to make it work for you is to take action, then do so. Applying what you learn is the key to success. If you don’t take action, you are leaving the chances to others who are more of the doers than listeners.

Look For Options

Most probably you have more than 2 talents that can be of use to the job you are applying for. Highlight this skills that you have and maybe they will notice it would be of good use, so that they’ll be interested to hire you.

Remember to follow up after an interview. Find out what happened or if they are interested in hiring you. Don’t assume that they’ll always remember you. If in case they say they’ll just call you, they don’t always mean it. It wont hurt to know if you are hired or not.

Don’t just call them, drop by their office and ask them personally. Showing you are interested to the position you are applying is a good gesture that you are willing to spend time to know if you are hired.

Do not rely too much in the internet. Yes you heard me right. Out there is the real world. People are doing their part and applying from office to office. The internet is just a tool for an appointment, your first chance to be noticed. But make sure you’ll have a chance to really meet the hiring manager in person. Get interviewed and luckily get hired.

Do you know how many people have access to the internet, you could say millions. And all of them are submitting their application online. Just imagine how many emails the hiring managers receive everyday. Be different. If you want to be interesting, apply in person.

Think Of Different Strategies

Social media greatly affects our daily lives. Why not use it to your advantage. Use your Facebook or Linkedin account to find job. Let everyone that you know in your social media network know that you are looking for a job. Maybe in the process, you’ll get connected to a company or the managers themselves and ask for your resume.

Skills is the next big thing. They want to see your resume but they are more interested in the skills that you have. If you need to upgrade your skills, do so. It is a very competitive industry and you need to be updated always. Find a way that you’ll stay updated and ahead of the others.

Don’t look at a single platform of job hunt. As I’ve mentioned, you can use your social media, classified ads, internet posting, job fairs, and even social gathering. There are various ways to get more and more job today. Even if you are new, there are still ways on how you can break the barrier of monotonous system of application and be interesting enough to get hired.

The possibilities are many but your action is the most important part to succeed. You just have to learn to focus on what your goal in applying for a job, what options you have aside from what you usually do, and be creative in thinking ways to make you an interesting applicant.

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