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Past Shipwreck Gold Stories: The Batavier V and Bavaria

Monday, August 27th, 2012

There is without a doubt that there are a number of people still interested in shipwreck gold stories, most especially when it comes to sea gold hunters.

Moreover, are you interested with shipwreck gold stories?

Do you even wonder if these gold underwater still exists?

Well if you here is a very short and broad information about the shipwreck of the Batavier V, a Dutch ship which carried tons and tons of gold.

This short news will for sure amaze you and make your mind greatly wonder more about underwater treasures.

Past Shipwreck Stories

The Batavier V

The Batavier V was a Dutch steamer which was made in the year 1903. This steamer was designed by the company,

Gourlay Bros and Corporation of Dundee in Scotland.

This steamer has a capacity to bring with her about 325 deck passengers plus 72 passengers for the first and second class, a total of 397.

The Batavier V had its fall on May 1916, when it blew up on a German mine while on its journey from London going to Amsterdam.

The Batavier V was said to have carried a big value of goods such as tons of coffee, rice, piece goods and of course, mostly gold amounting to 840,000 Guilders.

Apparently, this Dutch steamer not only lost four lives but great fortune as well. Furthermore, the cases of gold lost in this vessel purely belonged to the Bank of England.

The Batavier V carried a great wealth and insurmountable shipwreck gold. The carried wealth of this ship is still remains underwater and can be a perfect target for sea gold hunters.

The Bavaria

Aside from the Batavaria V, another famous steamer which suffered from a shipwreck is called Bavaria.

This steamer was headed by Captain Williams and; it was coming from New Orleans heading to Liverpool. The

Bavaria also suffered a tragic shipwreck at sea with the very reason that it burned down.

This American steamship carried about 1000 barrels of raisins, 4,356 bales of cotton and 269,000 of Mexican dollars. Luckily, the passengers and the officers of the Bavaria which summed up to 40 were not harmed by the tragic shipwreck.

The shipwreck gold that amounts to 269,000 Mexican dollars 8 is still in deep water and is still definitely being searched by a number of gold aspirants.

Because of these underwater treasures and shipwreck gold, it is already a given fact that there are still many sea gold hunters out there and is still rapidly growing.

What to Consider When Buying Shipwreck Gold?

Monday, August 13th, 2012

If you have a great interest over shipwrecks, then it is already a given fact that you have great knowledge and understanding when it comes to shipwreck gold.

For sure, the very thought of buying one of those pieces of underwater treasures which was made during the times of Renaissance kings have certainly enthralled you every time you come to think of it.

From the very fact of owning a shipwreck gold that was buried in deep ocean waters can definitely amaze you, here are some of the few things that you should really consider when buying shipwreck gold.

Knowing that shipwreck gold can cost a lot of money, these tips can definitely help you in making your decisions and weighing your options.

Things To Consider:

We all can’t deny the possibility that shipwreck gold can be in someway and somehow considered to be shipwrecked gold.

That is why, it is important that you should make it sure that your prospect shipwreck gold is genuine because you never know if the people selling it to you are swindlers.

You should check the gold value of the particular treasure before anything else, so that you won’t be swindled.

Also, prefer on buying shipwreck gold on trusted and reputable sea gold hunters.

When buying a shipwreck gold, make it sure that you ask important questions and details such as who found this treasure and, when and where was the jewelry found.

You should be wise enough, and you should not easily fall into the words of the seller.

Since your shipwreck gold will still mean nothing even if it costs millions, if it is not authentic. With all the fake things being sold in the market, you should always be sure.

Another thing that you must consider in buying shipwreck gold is the selling price given to you. Knowing that buying gold is certainly not a joke, it is quite important that you should make the correct purchase.

Since a great amount of hard-earned money is involved in the purchase of a particular underwater treasure, it is very essential that you get your money’s worth.

You should bear in mind that the value of each shipwreck treasure is truly equal to its cost. Either you are a hobby investor or a preservation investor; you should make sure that your investment is worth it.

Since every piece of shipwreck gold story has its own treasure, there is without a doubt that investing on these undersea treasures is quite remarkable and exceptional.

That is why, you should at all time see to it that the particular shipwreck treasure that you are buying can satisfy and please you.