US Navy Ship Helicopter Shot at Mindanao

A lot of country considers Mindanao as a home for terrorist groups like the “Abu Sayyaf”. But not all people living in Mindanao are considered as Muslim terrorist. Being a victim of the circumstances, many of them needs help and assistance. The “USNS Mercy“, a US Navy ship on a humanitarian medical mission helps a lot of countries that they visit. They included the Philippines as one of the countries that they could help with there medical mission.

The Incident

“A U.S. helicopter on a humanitarian mission in the Philippines apparently was shot at, prompting the Navy to temporally halt the mission, a defense official said Monday.

An MH-60 helicopter operating from USNS Mercy hospital ship had gone to pick up 11 passengers about 50 miles inland, and two bullet holes were found when the aircraft returned to the ship with the passengers.

“The holes appear to be an entry and exit point from a single bullet,” said Cmdr. Jeff A. Davis, a Navy spokesman.

It is unclear if the bullet struck while the passengers were on the helicopter, he said. There were no injuries and the aircraft’s commander was unaware of any bullet striking the aircraft during the flight, Davis said”; as reported at associated press.

The incident occurred at Cotabato. Nobody really knew who did the shooting. Nobody got hurt from the incident but extra caution were implemented.

What Next?

“The Mercy heads next to eastern Samar province, where it plans to treat 12,000 patients, and is to arrive Sunday in Manila”; as said by

The mission must go on, thanks to the heroism of the crew of “USNS Mercy” aid is on our way.

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  1. Dowswrommanda says:

    Thanks !

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  3. Pinoy says:

    Filipino people, especially those who live in Mindanao, need to be informed with regards to the humanitarian and medical help that these US Navy troops can provide to them and their families. Proper news dissemination and information on the significant help and benefits that they can get from the Navy would help to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility amongst them instead of infusing doubt and hostility that leads to violence. – Pinoy

  4. That advise is excellent. I will certainly share it to my friends.

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