A simple solution in having your own Gravatar

Globally Recognized Avatar or most widely known as Gravatar. It is an avatar image that that follows you from weblog to weblog. Whenever you post on a forum, or write a comment, gravatar clings to your post. It gives identity to your posts.

This cool avatar represents you to others. It gives you unique identity on the internet, especially when you’re using it on messengers like Yahoo Messenger, MSN or others, as said by Talk Loud.

By simply following talkloud links and instructions, you will have your own gravatar in no time at all. You can check my gravatar on other site. It is one way to advertise your site or simply to give an impression to your post. Don’t waist time, and start having a gravatar. You can subscribe for free by using your email for updates.

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  1. I’ve tried to install gravatar in my blog but all the hardships are invain. It’s not functioning properly. Any suggestions

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