4 Responses to “Paypal Bank Codes”

  1. Eron says:

    Up to now, I’m still waiting for my withdraw funds from paypal. It says 5-7 working days and bad timing, I hit Labor day hehe. This is my first time doing that on paypal and I hope everything will run smoothly. Btw I used Banco de Oro’s bankcode. I’ll post the latest update here so anyone who reads this article will know that it is true or not. Hmn… Nice blog here admin!

  2. chris chris says:

    Thanks for the info Eron. Update us for new developments regarding your account. Keep posting 🙂

  3. Eron says:

    As I promise I’m here to report. I checked my account at BDO using their internet banking and I saw my money with a deduction of P200, that’s a shame because paypal said that it is free of charge if the value is more than P7,000. I guess Banco de Oro did this deduction. It’s ok, I will just try withdrawing funds using my EON Cyberaccount of UnionBank.

  4. chris chris says:

    Thanks Eron I appreciate it Very much. This blog is not only for maritime enthusiasts, but for everybody who loves to read and learn. I hope that you will learn from most of my experiences. Btw i use Unionbank. I have an EON cyber account. if in case i have any info or problem with it, I’ll let you know. Good day and keep in touch 🙂

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