A Lasting Memory

Have you ever felt that you’re having memory gap? It happens to most people, even to kids. With the different kinds of foods that we eat, particularly junk foods. You can assume that most of them do not contain enough vitamins and minerals that you need. Do you want to know what food you should eat in order to stay sharp for life?


You must start consuming more “folate” right now. Yup, that’s right; Folate normally is given to women before planning to have a baby for brain development. We should consume folate too. Researchers from California from Irvine found out that people who consumed folate for 14 years lowers the risk of alzheimer’s of about 55 percent.


Eat a lot of grain products – tortillas, rice, and pasta. Other sources would be ½ cup of spinach, five asparagus spears, or a ½ cup of black beans. Don’t just settle for less; build a lasting memory that you need for a productive life.


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